Why a Sales Career? Belief No.1


When I started my Sales Career in 1991 in India, Sales was not a great career option that many parents would look forward to for their son (daughters in sales ??? No way ….in those days).

My Mom, a school teacher, and one of the most honest persons I have ever come across in my life actually asked me ” isn’t Sales a Profession where you have to tell a lot of lies? How come you got into that?”

She was not wrong, because still after about 28 years… many people in India think the same, because of their bad experiences as a buyer. It’s not their fault because we haven’t seen many good salespeople in our country yet (considering the size & the population).

Let me tell you that Sales is a great profession if done in the right way. It is easy to get into Sales, but probably the most difficult thing to remain there in the real sense of the term.

If you follow the basics and don’t try to choose a shortcut using unfair means, you can be in Sales with pride and earn phenomenally … which others would envy. You can have a lifestyle which people would give their hands and legs for. You would have an attitude and communication style which can charm the most beautiful women of this world, and above all, you will be pampered by your organization because you ensure revenues.

Good enough reasons to be in sales ??? I am sure your answer would be a big Yes !!!

NO ??? Not convinced to make Sales as your career ??? Watch out for more in the same space.

Till then, Happy Selling !!!

There is no profession which is beyond Sales. ????

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