Why a Sales Career? Belief No.3


YOU, as a salesperson, is responsible for pushing the business, ethically and strategically, every single day.
Hundreds and thousands of customers/buyers/ people trust YOU and bet their monies on YOU. Isn’t it exciting? I am sure it is.

We all are buyers at some point of time and we buy clothes, jewellery, cars, groceries, TV, gadgets etc. Do we like to buy from a “dishonest” sales person? The answer is a big NO. Do we like to buy from a person who “doesn’t know his / her products well”? Again a Big NO. Do we like if people try to “dump” something on us? NO.

Please remember, that all these are true when YOU go out to sell as well. People don’t like to be pushed/compelled. They like to buy when YOU make them feel that”their buying decision based on Your Sales Pitch” is actually their own decision. That’s when a person will buy happily and also recommend you/ your products or services to others as well.


What an excitement this is. Very few people are lucky to experience such things on a Daily Basis. SALES persons do. Everyday, Every Sale…. And that’s awesome. YOU NEVER MAKE A SALE…..YOU BUILD A CUSTOMER & A RELATIONSHIP.

But to do this, YOU should never grab all that is available in a deal. You must leave something for the other person as well e.g. If you know you can give a 5% discount, give it. DON’T try to save that to earn a 1% additional personal incentive. Because that 5% will get you a customer/ person’s trust for lifetime when he was NOT EXPECTING that discount ……. and hence that 5% becomes much more valuable than YOUR OWN 1% incentive.

Try and make the Deal a win-win, as much as possible (remember it never becomes 50: 50)….. Make it Win-Win because if you try to grab everything in a deal every time (or have a reputation like that) You will NOT have many people and deals later on. After a sale, you and customer both should feel happy in your own ways….

Don’t forget that as a Sales Person YOU build Trust. YOU build Personal connect. YOU become a person who will “advise” people and they will happily listen to YOU because they know YOU won’t fool them. YOU won’t cheat them. YOU WILL be with them whenever they have an issue…..if at all.

Trust me…. it’s an addiction…. and is there a better addiction for which you are not only pampered by your organization…. But also get paid more than many of your other dept colleagues???

Come on … now don’t say that Sales is a profession YOU don’t want to join?

For all those who still believe that some more clarifications are required before you guys decide on your career path in Sales, write to me and I will be more than happy to clarify all that I can, with my little knowledge.

Till then…. have a great week ahead and Happy Selling!!!


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