Why a Sales Career? Belief No.2

Over a period of 28 years (and a bit more) what I have learnt is that one thing which is going to take you to the top in Sales Profession is your own belief that You Want to be the Best that You can be.

You must have the desire to be The Best. You cannot be satisfied with being a part of a group. You must stand out, perform, think, talk and carry yourself as a person who’s the Best … and not just a team member. But to do that (and not just fake it) you need to do few things which we will discuss going forward.

Also, Miracles happen only in Sales (If I may say so) … or should I say it happens more often ?. One or two years happen in your career, where you can earn in a way, which is a dream for other people and they have been struggling even to come closer to such earnings. You also build great relationships with clients from different walks of life.

Good salespeople think big, act differently, dress differently, take risks, live on the edge and above all have a never die attitude. Have a different dressing style (which could be your own signature style) and use brands which suits your personality (not just because others are using it) e.g. most of the people use Mont Blanc pens but I use a pen which has an ink which lasts Lifelong, and I don’t need to change the refill EVER till I die . Any guy who can spend 30 to 80 thousand bucks can own a Mont Blanc, but very few people even know about this pen that I talked about. Be different. Stand out. Stand Tall.

Do not be bothered as to who will think what? Because Top Sales Guys set standards for others to follow… well… most of the time.

People might try To pull you down initially … and even question as to Why did you do it? But trust me, later on it will be the same set of people who will ask you HOW you did it and try to imitate you too.

Fun, frolic, travelling, style and attitude… But always along with a whole lot of hard work and passion to succeed. That’s what Salespeople are made of.

Good enough reasons to be in Sales? I am sure that now the answer would be a real big Yes.

No ?? Still not convinced to Live Life Differently??

Then look out for some more stuff… Right Here, Pretty Soon.

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