Set Yourself Up For What’s Coming

Yesterday, the first day of this new year, I bumped into something interesting. Mr. Denzel Washington, a famous American actor, director, and producer, ranked in 2020 as the ”greatest actor on 21st century” by New York Times had once said that ”Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you are ready for it”.

Let me tell you why I felt this is so relevant in the current situation? 
We have gone through almost hell in the past several months.
Since February 2020, the entire world is reeling under the pressure of a pandemic caused by COVID. Months passed, and billions of dollars have been spent on R&D to invent the vaccine to combat the virus. By God’s grace, we finally managed to create the vaccine, being administered gradually across countries. We are on the verge of coming out of the global pandemic, and hopefully, this new year will bring in better health, happiness, new hopes, new jobs, new opportunities, and we will bounce back to better things if nothing goes wrong further.

However, I was wondering that while we all are very hopeful to start a new beginning after such mayhem, are we really “ready” to grab these opportunities when they appear in front of us? 
Are we still in “Shape”?
Do we still have that “Courage”?
Can we take those “Risks” again?

Not very Sure? Right? 
Now here are few thoughts, which you all may find useful while you deal with the preparedness of accepting the new opportunities, and look forward to better times ahead :

a) Conquer your body: We have been sitting at home for months together. Gyms were closed, and you couldn’t even move out. So, are we physically ready to take up new challenges and opportunities when they come to us? When we get into the regular routines again, go to the office regularly, start a new job, or start/re-start a business. Will our health permit all those activities like the way we used to do earlier? Are we physically strong enough still? Trust me, most of us are not sure about it. ”We feel” we will be able to manage, but it’s not that simple. A thing you do continuously for 21 days at a stretch becomes your habit and defines your character. Sleeping late, getting up late, work from home, video conferencing, lack of human interactions, lack of handshakes, lack of outdoor activities, drinking & smoking more have made us sloppy, as I strongly feel. Yes, there will be exceptions, but on an overall level, most of us are in a state of mind, which is casual and less disciplined.

So, if we want to be ready when opportunity knocks on our doors, then we must, I repeat, we must do the following for sure :
• Start the day early. If need be, put an alarm.
• Start with a bit of exercise.
• Take a shower. Get ready. Dress properly.
• Eat a healthy breakfast.
• Show up for work (or start your job search).
• Reduce smoking/drinking at odd hours.
• Get back home on time.
• Try & spend some quality time with family.
• Have early dinner & hit the bed on time.
• Always have a ”never give up” attitude.

By doing the above doesn’t mean that you will get the results or job instantly. But to succeed, we must get back to a disciplined life. Follow healthy habits and a proper routine. Prepare the ground for everything you propose to do going forward.

b) Fix your mental narrative: We know that many of us have faced tremendous hardships & isolation during the lockdown days, and one thing I feel got affected was our ”self-confidence”. We haven’t been able to meet people, talk to clients or colleagues, couldn’t socialize, couldn’t hold good conversations with relevant people, and more. And the absence of such things will impact when we meet people again, hold boardroom discussions or negotiations, appear for interviews, or even during team meetings within the office. Add to this the fact, where people have lost jobs and must work on a survival strategy with immediate effect (this is also quite similar to people who had faced salary cuts).

So, if we want to be ready when opportunity knocks on our doors, then we must do the following for sure :

• Start interactions with colleagues first. One on one, across the table, or over a coffee. Know how he or she had been during these days. Share experiences. Have a chat.
• Follow this up with interactions with multiple people in small groups. No arguments or debates, but simple discussions, experience sharing, and some light moments may be. Feel the earlier normalcy coming back slowly.
• These interactions will help you connect, win back your confidence, and build the trust factor amongst your colleagues/customers. Trust is a feeling. And it’s not easy to trust people when you don’t interact with them. So, it’s a genuine issue that during these pandemic days. A severe lack of trust had grown (unknowingly) due to the complete absence of physical presence and human interactions in groups. Work on Trust. It’s critical.

c) Introspection: Last but not least, we must remember that many things have changed in the past one year, and the earlier normal may take a hell of a time to come back, or may never come back depending on industries/situations. Therefore, we must assess the environment and the industry we are in and act accordingly. We may have to unlearn the same old formula because the game might have changed.

So, if we want to be ready when opportunity knocks on our doors, then we must do the following for sure :

• Assess your situation.
• Ascertain the way forward for your industry, shop, and business.
• Study the changes that might have happened.
• Learn about the new technologies that might have come in. New ways of doing business. Learn it / read about it. Understand.
• Take help from industry veterans.
• Ask your mentors if you have any.
• If not, connect with someone who can help. Asking for help is never a bad thing. Unfortunately, we try to show off that ” we know all”, and that’s why many people do not help us because they think that we already ”know everything”. Always ask for help. But be genuine.
• Evaluate options of switching industry if needed.
• Evaluate your knowledge & preparedness for new areas. Assess your strengths, which will help you to get through to such jobs/companies.
• Work on your resume accordingly and highlight those strength areas with measurable records.
• Fine-tune your routine, approach, and conviction.
• Never give up. Always remember, weak people, give up. Real Men or women never give up. That is never an option.

Survival Strategies during Crisis :
• If you have been through any unfortunate situation like losing a job or winding up of business, then start connecting with the relevant people. Identify people, groups, recruitment firms and consultants, business consultants, bank managers, financial advisors, chartered accountants who will guide you in your respective area.
• Asses the risk you are already into and map it with the fund that you have. It will help you to estimate your time in hand and level of urgency. 
• Be focussed and emphasize on steps that will help you to bounce back. Talk to people you trust and take their help.
• No need to beg or steal. Borrow if needed.
• Take care of your mental health and be careful that you don’t get into depression. Yes, we are hurt, we are insecure now, we are in a difficult situation financially. But if you are logical and ”address the issue with a strategic approach instead of getting depressed or disheartened” you will make it to the finishing line. Bad times are ”bruises” not a ”tattoo” that will remain forever.
• Read books about people who have made it from scratch or have failed many times. It gives you hope, and hope gives you the strength to ”fight back”.
• Cut down on expenses that are not necessary.
• Make every minute count when you are awake to find out areas & opportunities, which will help you come back strong.
• Never give up. Always remember, weak people, give up. Real Men or women never give up. That is never an option.

Please remember that everything in Life is a process. The results (which excite us) are the ”outcome” of those processes, and it’s not a miracle or magic. Unfortunately, most people chase the outcome and not the process. And that’s where the problem lies. For example, Tiger Shroff looks fit. But then, that’s the outcome. If you want to imitate that, then follow the process. Follow right from getting up at 5 am every day to a proper diet, exercise, gymnastics, and weight training. This entire process of hard work, discipline, diet, and a consistent approach will deliver the outcome – a sculpted body.

So, good or bad days, a job or a business, YOU must follow
A proper process,
Be disciplined,
Read a lot,
Gain knowledge,
Execute smartly,
Ask for help,
Have the passion,
and finally, NEVER GIVE UP (I have mentioned that at the end of each strategy and its extremely critical ). 

In educational institutions, you learn first and then appear for exams. But in Life, it’s the opposite. You appear for exams, and through those, you Learn to Succeed.

So keep yourself ready, so that when opportunity knocks, you can WELCOME it IN YOUR LIFE. 

Keep rocking !!!!

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