The journey of this Maverick, Dr Richard Branson, started from being a dyslexic student who found it difficult to cope up with his studies ….. to being the creator of the Virgin Empire and even beat British Airways in their own domain. 

What a lovely journey and what a lovely story.  
It teaches you HOW you should never give up in life and push the envelope to reach your goals. If you don’t know about a job, but if it looks interesting,  then pick it up and learn on the way. I so very subscribe to this idea. This is how a winner thinks. This is how an achiever takes risks. It is so exciting to read the real-life experiences he had gone through,  which made him what he is today. 

Believe everything can be done, take risks, have fun, love your family,  never say no to new things …….. all these are extremely inspiring thoughts for the people who are not formatted and want to Live Life. 

This book is not for people who think small and don’t believe in having goals or passion. Its quite motivating to know that Dr. Branson had published magazines, music labels, created airlines company, working on space travel, lost monies, is a school dropout,  adventured in hot air balloons,  kissed death and survived ……. whatnot. His life lessons and a complete different way to look at things, make him a person we all should look up to and learn from.

2 to 3 hrs read, this thin book will open our eyes to a whole lot of different ideas and positive approaches that we should choose in our own life.
Whether you are an employee,  or entrepreneur or even a homemaker…… this book is bound to cheer you up and teach you to have a very different perspective towards Life. 

A must read.  A must buy too. 

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