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Had to stay away because of some work stress…………..

So, coming back to Sales as a profession, and keeping in line with what we had discussed in the past few months, let me tell you that ”Relationship” makes a whole lot of difference in Sales ……. though not mandatory. In certain cases, where someone is working for some monopolistic brands/categories, irrespective of ”relationship factor” you can do business, because of the ”pure demand” factor. But otherwise, ”relationship” will definitely matter to quite an extent.

We must build, nurture, maintain and respect relationships in business. Let us understand that; people will respect the relationship when you just don’t ”ask for favours” but also ”do favours”. Favours do not indicate only jobs or deals etc. Favour also indicates that YOU should be able to help ”somehow” when the other person is in need of some information, connect, guidance etc.

At a junior level, be in touch with your customers ( both internal and external) and focus on your work , which will help them in turn e.g. when you focus on your work , you contribute towards the overall goal of your team , and as a result your Boss, or even teammates feel that you are a ”dependable” resource . So, fundamentally, your ”relationship” with your teammates and even your Boss, improves. Your credibility improves too because you are seen as a ”contributor” and not a ”dependent” person. Now, when you focus on your work ….. you have to deal with outside customers as well, and when you responsibly cater to them, your ”relationship” with them improves too. So, on an overall basis, both internally and externally, YOU have been able to maintain a healthy ”work” relationship with both ”internal and external customers”. However, this is easier said …than done. The problem is that ”relationship” is never ”one-sided” ………. so, YOU need to think and be considerate about the other person as well, which don’t happen, e.g. We write 10 emails to ask for an appointment, but once a meeting is done, we don’t write a ”thank you for your time ” kind of mail to the person, because ”our work is done”. We call up and message our HR heads and to be Bosses, while our appointment letter is being prepared, but forget to thank them, once we are on board. These little things go a long way to build a solid connect and long-standing relationship, with your internal & external customers.

At a senior level, try and help your industry colleagues by sharing important information and data, on a generic level. In today’s world try ing to hold back information thinking others will not be able to come to know about it, is foolishness, as I see. Holding back info is also a sign of insecurity, which no senior person should have if he or she wants to be a true leader. You can also call some of your important clients, out for Dinner, ”without any reason” and be honest about it too. Asking someone out for dinner with a ”purpose” will be seen as being ”opportunist”. Why do you always need a reason? Can’t you have a quick dinner or a drink, just because you know someone and have some generic discussions ?? Can’t you drop in at someone’s office ( with a little prior info) in case he or she is free to spare some time? Cant, you discuss about his kids or his health? Cant, you discuss a movie ?? Or better even… why can’t we give a couple of movie tickets to few of our top customers ( both internal & external) ?? Believe me, everyone in this world are fighting survival battles, in some way or the other………and quality family time is missing. So when you give them a couple of tickets, and they go out for a movie as a family, they will always thank you for being considerate ….. and these relations go a long way .

Unfortunately, we try and attend the unending number of parties and drink and dance, in the name of NETWORKING. As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t work that way.

And again, YOU got to be genuine in your approach. You should try out these things when actually everything is running fine, and there is no apparent reason to do so. DO NOT DO IT just before you are about to sign a deal or just before your appraisal !!!! People are not fools …. they understand, and instead of a nice relationship, it then becomes a transaction ……….. so next time, the demand will be more 🙂

Please remember, your ”consideration factor and human side” builds good relations ……. not your designation and CTC. Unfortunately, we always try to connect with people who are ”seniors” and earns well. Do you really think they don’t understand ?? They do. They know that you are trying to connect because YOU want something out of them ……….. that’s not a relationship. That will not work.

Enough for today …….. will discuss few more things soon.

Have a great weekend ahead.

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