Does Relationship Make Any Sense In Business/Sales – II


While we did discuss the benefits of relationship in business/sales, here are few things which we all must keep in mind too.

While we work sincerely to keep our business relations strong, it’s also a serious concern that over a period of time, we generally start depending on it a bit too much. Our business plans and projections slowly get influenced by these “relationships”, and that’s scary. If we have a good relationship with our internal and external customers, it does not necessarily mean that it will also reflect in the business that we do with them, in the same way. It doesn’t happen that way.

Let us remember that every customer is responsible and answerable for the decisions that they make. No one will give you business just because he has a great relationship with you. It must make “business sense” when a person does business transactions with you, and whether you understand the same or not, the customer does keep that in mind.

Unfortunately, the business world in India revolves around “convenience” and not just “relationship”. A strong relationship will keep you in the “consideration set”, but actual business will happen basis merit, and many more aspects, few of which may be behind the curtains, and you must understand those as well.

So , while you cherish great relationships ( both internally and externally) please do not depend on it blindly !!

Let me tell you that, “expecting ” other people to act in a certain way which is favourable to you….is equivalent to “gambling”. Never ever “gamble” in business. You must take “risks” but never “gamble” ….. because, in gambling, you cannot control the “outcome” … So you might win a “jackpot” or “lose all your monies” !! The odds are too high… and it finally is a game of “probabilities” .

Whereas, when you take “calculated risks” , then you might miss the outcome by inches …. not by miles….. or you will end up achieving your planned outcome. It’s never “all or nothing”.

Also, I would like to repeat one more thing ( I am sure I will do few such repeats all along) …. that whilè you maintain a relationship… Let go few things and also leave something for the other person too. Do not try to grab everything available, because if you have a reputation of “grabbing”everything, everywhere, all the time …….. then a stage will soon come when “ties” will be cut off. No one likes to lose, especially if the same was “planned” by someone.

So, when it comes to relationships in business…few things which need attention are

1. Honest approach. Never take someone for granted. Respect your customer . Even their differences.
2. Intention to maintain a relation without “purpose” on every occasion.
3. Give more / and also know where to draw a line.
4. Expect less / but never a “zero”.
5. Never gamble. Never play ” all or nothing ” in a relationship. The world is round, and you never know when will you need someone.
6. Remember, the relationship always may not translate into favourable actions for you all the time, but it’s worth maintaining a genuine and strong relation with both external and internal customers. It helps.

If you KNOW When and how to ask for an extra cup of tea in a business meeting, I am sure you have cracked this very complex game called ” relationship in business”.

Cheers … till we catch up soon.

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